Digital Painting
“Hey Girl, let’s explore beauty and gender roles through allegory and classical mythology while paying homage renaissance art.”
The objectification of women's bodies is so ubiquitous and expected that it hardly triggers a second thought. Doing the same to a man's body felt subversive and seditious.

Ryan Gosling was chosen to play the role of Venus both for his physical beauty and for the charming romantic characters that he has played as actor and internet meme. In Botticelli's composition, one of the Graces approaches Venus, pure and splendid in her divine nudity, to cover her up with a garb of earthly modesty. "God"-of-love Gosling is to be made similarly worldly with an Armani jacket, a symbol of earthly materialism and conspicuous consumerism.
Rachel MacAdams takes the place of the Divine Winds blowing Venus to shore, and thus delivering love and beauty to mankind. As the love-interest in his breakthrough romantic role, MacAdams played a part in delivering Gosling to his adoring fans.
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